f a m i l y t e s t i m o n i a l s

We asked our families a few questions and were happy to have many of our families share their opinion of Hand In Hand. We have not changed any of their information and are very proud to share this with you.

How did you come about choosing our early care and education facility?

“We toured/talked to about 10-15 centers/in homes and decided this is where we felt most comfortable. The directors were friendly, the center is clean and the classrooms looked like a great place to learn.” ~Anonymous Family

“Recommended to us by a coworker. She and her children really like the program.” ~Anonymous Family

“From recommendations made by friends and coworkers.” ~Polniak Family

What is your overall feeling about our company?

“We love having our daughter at Hand In Hand. She has grown so much cognitively, socially and emotionally.” ~Anonymous Family

“Being a new mom, I hated the fact that my daughter would have to be in daycare. When she started HIH I knew instantly that it was going to be a great fit for our family. I love the infant room staff (and the staff that floats to the infant room). I feel that they are continuously paying attention to my daughter's needs. While I am working I don't worry about the care she is receiving. Not to mention she is always happy to see the staff every morning, which helps put my fears at east. I truly can't say enough how thankful I am to have found such a wonderful place.” ~Anonymous Family

“We think Hand In Hand does a great job of creating an environment in which our kids learn and play. Any place that makes my son ask to be picked up later than usual so he can have more time to play must be pretty good!” ~Becker Family

“We love Hand In Hand! This is by far the best preschool in the area, we feel so fortunate to have our kids attend and can't imagine every having them anywhere else.” ~Anonymous Family

What is your favorite part about Hand In Hand?

“Lately it has been the things that you offer that I could not – fire engine, applesauce, volcano creation, artwork ideas, outside constructive play.” ~Anonymous Family

“All regular staff know Aubrey and say ‘Hi' to her!” ~Parker Family

“Parents Night Out. I also love the pictures all over the room and that they come home! It really shows what fun they have everyday!” ~Allen Family

“I really appreciate the photos and books the teachers put together. It is nice to see the moments I miss. The photos and books document the fun and it is great to see how the kids change through out the years.” ~Logan Family

“Parents Night Out, friendly atmosphere and the continuous communication with parents.” ~Anonymous Family